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Sketching for Environment Class

Updated: May 7, 2023

**Update: Spring 2023 term is now closed for enrollment but leaving this info here for future reference.

Making that smooth transition from the previous post about location sketching into this latest installment of the blog. There is an upcoming "Sketching for Environment" class with Ed Li starting next week (2/11) via the Concept Design Academy (CDA). And there is a new developing twist with this class. It looks like I'll be helping out as a teaching assistant!

The instructor, Ed Li, he has been working in the industry for at least "a couple of years" now. You can view his list of credits here on IMDB. So plenty of experience there to learn from.

Sketches by Ed Li

This in-person class is based in the Pasadena, CA area. So if you're local to the area and would like to learn more about sketching and designing environments while exploring more places around LA that you may not have gotten around to yet -- sign up soon! The class alternates between taking field trips to different locations around the LA area (don't forget those signed permission slips!) and studying in the classroom. You will learn how to take what you sketch out in the real world through observation and incorporate some of those elements into your more imaginative pieces. Which, down the line, would prove useful when doing concept work at the studios. Sounds fun!

Photos from past classes

I've taken the class myself before as a student many years ago before I started working in the industry as a designer. This class, as well as others within CDA, were instrumental for me in learning a lot about the basics of design and what it takes to start working in entertainment. Now all these years later, it's pretty exciting to return back to the school and help out any students looking to improve their environment sketching!

So if all this still sounds interesting and fun, sign up soon on their website. See ya in class!

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