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Crab Cakes

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Crab Cakes is a delicious mixture of four different artists showcasing everything from landscapes, drawings from life, creatures, fantasy worlds, and more!

Released in 2014, this first self published collectors item of a book is measured at 8.25" by 8.25". 56 pages of B/W sketches and 4 illustrations in color. Softcover bound. Each copy is signed by all 4 artists.

-- The Artists --

Chris Deboda works as a visual development artist for the animation and video gaming industry. Some of his past studios that he has worked for include: Blizzard Entertainment, Sony Pictures Animation, Disney Television Animation, among others.

Jimmy Lo is a visual development artist who has worked in the video game industry. He was a veteran visual development artist on Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft franchise.

Patrick Burke is currently an Environment Outsource Lead at Epic Games. He has worked in the game industry for 20 years working on everything from sprite animation, concept art, 3D character modeling and 3D building/dungeon modeling. His past times are spending time with his family, dog and sketching creatures.

Danny Kim was a senior artist at Riot games working on the ongoing project League of Legends. Danny has worked in the entertainment industry since graduating from Art Center.

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