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Lightbox Expo 2023 Preview

Lightbox Expo (LBX) takes place the end of the month (October 27-29, 2023) at the Pasadena Convention Center in CA, so I figure I should make a couple of quick announcements before the big show!

First off, I will be at Table #306. Not a bad spot. It's not too far from the main entrance to the Left here. Just look for the guy sitting next to some probable amazing talent! So shouldn't be too hard to miss. :)

As for merch, I'll have many of the usual items from past shows like art prints, an art book, greeting cards, stickers, etc. There may be some late new surprises as well. You can view past convention blog posts to get an idea. However, one new thing that I am excited to be debuting at Lightbox Expo 2023 is a new self published sketchbook titled: "What's the Password? -- A collection of whimsical treehouse sketches".

What's the Password?

It's been a while since I put together an art book and I thought LBX would be a good place to come out with a new one. So why treehouses? I've always been fascinated with treehouses since I was a kid and thought a series of quick sketches exploring different treehouse ideas would be a fun concept. Due to the quirky nature of these treehouses, each structure can been seen as it's own character design.

These series of sketches was purposely done quickly in order to keep things loose and expressive. It is a creative exercise with the intent of turning random scribbles and shapes and turning them into something fantastical. A common exercise for concept artists.

Additionally, as a bonus, also available at my table will be many of the original hand drawn sketches that went into the creation of this book. Each book can be signed upon request as well. Not to mention, I will also now be giving out FREE buttons for any purchases at my table. (while supplies last, of course)

And finally, if you end up missing the show altogether--don't worry-- just check out the online shop on this very website soon after the show for any new merch availability and updates.

For tickets and more information about Lightbox Expo 2023, please see the links below. Hope to see you there!


Relevant links:

Lightbox Expo Main page:

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